*Those that are able are invited to stand



- Gathering into worship - 




Welcome and Announcements



Introit                                       “How Firm a Foundation”                                                    Choir


*Opening Chorus           “Come! Come! Everybody Worship!” (verses 1-3)          TFWS #2271


*Call to Worship

One: Love is all around,

All: God's love deep within.

One: Love in acts of sharing,

All: Love in quiet listening.

One: Love is all around,

All: God's love deep within.

One: A friend to hold us when sadness comes,

All: A friend to rejoice with us when joy arrives.

One: Love is all around,

All: God's love deep within.

One: Stronger than death,

All: Setting loose a song of joy.


*Hymn                                                  “Gather Us In”                                             TFWS #2236


*Opening Prayer


- Meditation on God’s word -


*Kids Song                            “This is My Commandment”                                    See Screen


Children’s Sermon



Scripture                                                                                                     1 Corinthians 13:1-13


Message                                                  LOVE                                          Rev. Kelly J Smith



Hymn                                                    “The Gift of Love”                                            UMH #408


Silent Prayer/Pastoral Prayer/Lord’s Prayer



- Sharing our blessings –


Invitation to Give


Prayer of Thanksgiving

God of Limitless Love: We sing praise to you from whom all blessings flow, and we give our gifts and go our way. We know we have taken baby steps toward the life you’ve called us to live. The giving is easy compared to the kind loving you expect us to extend to others: a love that is patient, unselfish, forgiving, and full of hope that endures through anything. May we grow in our giving, but even more in our loving as your Son taught us. We pray this in the name of Jesus, who gave in enduring love all there was to give for us. Amen.


Offering our Gifts and Tithes



- What is going on with the United Methodist Church –


Presentation                                                                                Rev. Dr. David Morse


- Taking the Word to the World -


*Hymn                                 “Where Charity and Love Prevail”                                  UMH #549




*Hymn                               Where Charity and Love Prevail” (Vs 1)                         UMH #549

Where charity and love prevail, there God is ever found;

brought here together by Christ’s love, by love are we thus bound.






Immediately following worship, everyone is invited to our monthly Second Sunday Social lunch, hosted this month by Carolyn Hartner.







905 Mifflin Ave


Pastor: Rev. Kelly Smith





February 10, 2019