905 Mifflin Ave


                                                                         Pastor: Rev. Kelly Smith







*Those that are able are invited to stand






Introit                                         “Wonderful Words of Life”                                              Choir


Welcome and Announcements


Opening Prayer

We come into your presence with glad hearts, O Lord. We think of your innumerable benefits constantly showered upon us. We cannot help but let joy bubble up within us when we consider your grace bestowed upon us "good measure, pressed down, running over." Accept then, our praise and gratitude, and touch us all with your loving, healing hand. Amen.  



Special Music                                                                                              Jason Born



Children’s Sermon 





Prayer Hymn                              I Am Thine, O Lord”                                                     #419


Silent Prayer / Pastoral Prayer / Lord’s Prayer



Scripture                                                                                                             Matthew 22:15-22


Message                                           Flag and Altar                               Rev. Kelly Smith



Offering Our Gifts and Tithes


Offering of Music                                                                                       Jason Born


Doxology                                         “Thank You, Lord” (x2)                                                #84

in The United Methodist Hymnal


Offering Prayer



*Closing Song                               This Is My Song”                                                    #437

in The United Methodist Hymnal


*Closing Prayer




*Chorus                                              “Go Now in Peace”                                                     #665

in The United Methodist Hymnal

Go now in peace, go now in peace;

may the love of God surround you

everywhere, everywhere you may go.




Next week, November 4th, we will be celebrating

ALL SAINTS’ DAY in worship. 

You are invited to join us in celebrating and remembering the Saints who have blessed our lives and taught us so much.






October 28, 2018