905 Mifflin Ave


                                                                         Pastor: Rev. Kelly Smith





*Those that are able are invited to stand


Gathering and Welcome


Introit                                               Fairest Lord Jesus”                                                   Choir


*Hymn                                                    “Gather Us In”                                                      #2236

in The Faith We Sing


*Prayer of Confession


Merciful God,

            we confess that we have not loved you with our whole heart.

            We have failed to be an obedient church.

            We have not done your will,

            we have broken your law,

            we have rebelled against your love,

            we have not loved our neighbors,

            and we have not heard the cry of the needy.

            Forgive us, we pray.

            Free us for joyful obedience,

            through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


*Kids Song                                             Hosanna”                                                  *See Screen


*Passing the Peace




Children’s Sermon   



Scripture                                                                                                          Matthew 25:31-46


Message                              Who’s In and Who’s Out                    Rev. Kelly Smith


Prayer Hymn                     Help Us Accept Each Other”                                        UMH #560


Silent Prayer / Pastoral Prayer / Lord’s Prayer



Service of Word and Table                                                                                            UMH #9


Communion Hymn                     One Bread, One Body”                                        UMH#620





Offering Prayer


Offering Our Gifts and Tithes




*Closing Song                    The Voice of God is Calling”                                            #436

in The United Methodist Hymnal


*Closing Prayer




*Chorus                                              “Go Now in Peace”                                                     #665

in The United Methodist Hymnal

Go now in peace, go now in peace;

may the love of God surround you

everywhere, everywhere you may go.



TODAY is World Communion Sunday-

an annual celebration observed by several Christian denominations that promotes Christian unity and ecumenical cooperation.

On World Communion Sunday our special offering helps to provide scholarships for national and international graduate students whom God has gifted to learn and to serve.





Current Prayer Needs:

Family of Linda Quinlisk in her passing

Sherrie Richards (friend of Barbara Thaw’s) – breast cancer

Richard — health struggles

Wilkinsburg Community Ministry – finding steady funding

All residents impacted by hurricane Florence as they rebuild

Ed Scott (friend of Ginnie) - multitude of health issues

Sue Clapper - breast cancer treatment


“My concern is not whether God is on our side;

my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right.”

-- Abraham Lincoln



October 7, 2018